Womens Activewear for your Zodiac Star Sign

Miss Zodiacs guide to getting active according to your sun star sign. Of course, your astrology is complex and there’s more to you than just your sun sign but getting your sweat on, with these cool, sweat resistant active wears will enhance your workouts while championing your personal style according to the stars.


Are you an Aries sun sign? You’re probably ready for action, hit the gym head on and are exercise fire cracker! Because you’re a fire sign you might have the tendency to overheat and go hard so its super important to balance with something cool in your workout whether it be yoga or running or gym. Swimming can also be a fantastic exercise for Aries for that reason. Cool down with this Aries sweat resistant sports bra.

Active Gemini

Gemini your curiosity and versatility finds you jumping from task to task in your exercise routines. Your brilliance may also see you excelling in your chosen sport. Such a multi faceted sun sign means its not just a physical workout but a spiritual one too. Add some fun into your active routine with a little humour from your ruling planet mercury with this 100% lightweight cotton tee, cause you’re a babe!

Active Leo

Leo ruled by the sun! You light up a room wherever you enter including the gym, basketball court, tennis court or any activity you do. Light it up with your fashion as well with beautiful colors and celebration of your star identity wit this retro striped active hoodie in 4 different beautiful colors.

Active Libra

Libra! balancing chaos is your true super hero status. If you’re a Libra star sign inner equilibrium can be essential to your active routines. Do you practice yoga? That would be a great workout for you with its focus on breath and balance, but whatever workout routine you choose Libra, you can look gorgeous with your constellation with you.

Active Sagittarius

You are so fun Sagittarius that any activity that’s dramatic and firey would be so good for you. whether it be dance or nature hiking or mountain bike riding your always a fun partner to play with. Do it Sagittarius warrior style with these Artemis arrow leggings (nature goddess who works with a bow and arrow)

Active Aquarius

Aquarius are quirky future thinkers, star gazers and brilliant minds so balancing these mercurial thoughts with action is essential. Summer fun surfing, swimming or volleyball while on vacation sounds great for your Aquarian friends. How about this beautiful pastel tie-dye with your symbol when you finish whatever activity you choose.

Active Taurus

Taurus sun signs are all about style. Ruled by planet Venus your aesthetic is still important even if you’re sweating in the gym! Everything needs to be enjoyable including your exercise routine and your fashion while doing it. Why not choose a sweatshirt that shows your ruling planet of love and money with this beautiful crop sweat with detailed venus symbol embroidery. We only use the highest quality cotton fabric, so it’s sure to please your lux loving nature.

Active Cancer

Lovely Cancer, sun surf and sand are natural to the crab. You may love swimming in the ocean, sun baking, frisbee on the beach or family adventures. Have fun in the sun and under the moon (your ruling planet) with this moon phase travel towel for days at the beach, workouts at the gym or for a light to carry bike ride with the family. All our products are hand printed with the highest quality fabrics.

Active Virgo

Virgo, you have an eye for detail so it’s essential you have quality activewear for your exercise routines. Your star sign symbol is one of the most beautiful in the astrological wheel so why not wear it with pride no matter if you are kayaking or working out at the gym. Our hand printed designer tshirts are the highest quslity 100% cotton for you.

Active Scorpio

Use your spiritual depth, Mars determination and Pluto staying power to burn the calories and sculpt your physical self into a work of art Scorpio. You indeed have the power! Why not wear your planet power!

Active Capricorn

Determined mountain climber Capricorn means that you can climb to the top of any sport you choose. Planet Saturn will make sure you hold the discipline to achieve any goal that you desire with its tough nature and its long term rewards. In place of your goat horns why not wear this distressed alchemical symbol of earth cap while sweating those goals!

Active Pisces

Pisces, beautiful pisces. You are so empathetic to others emotions and needs you sometimes forget your own, or so goes the sun signs famous trait. But adding some activity to rejuviante all that you give and give yourself some self care makes you such a well rounded head to toe beauty. Pisces socks will keep you cushioned while your workout.

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