10 Best Gifts Ideas for Scorpio Star Sign

A Scorpio Goddess is passionate, deeply emotional, powerful, mysterious, persistent, courageous and magical.

Your Scorpio Lover or BFF is intensely loyal and protective of her friends and lovers. This mysterious woman is like the deep ocean, awe inspiring and mysterious. It’s not always so obvious what the right gift for her may be since she is an enigma. If you want to express your love with something tangible for this woman make sure it has thought, is high quality, is unique and has some mysterious element to it, she’ll be fascinated and love you for your depth.

Scorpio women are are sometimes mistaken as a fire sign, possibly because they have a Mars ruler (alongside Pluto) but that powerful persona is deeply immersed in “the underworld” which is truly water related. Think powerful soothsayer. So anything “underworld” like Tarot related gifts or Occult & Wicca could be a perfect gift for her.

This woman of mystery enjoys time on her own to reflect, strategize and think. She is ambitious and stubborn toward her goals and she achieves them often in quiet progression. Give her a magic contemplation crystal or notebook to write down her unusual thoughts.

The Scorpio Lady is very feminine and loves deep intimacy, touch and seduction so gift her with some sexy intimate.

Being ruled by the planet Mars and Pluto she is a powerhouse of strength and transformation get her some activewear that she can use to get physical, as long as it’s quality!

Her wardrobe is often made up of dark colors and has an understated yet sexy edge to it. Get her something that reflects the night and that is visceral and unique.

Here are Miss Zodiacs Top 10 ideas for your Scorpio Lover or Friend


1. Something Occult

Something Tarot or Wicca or Occult related will intrigue and excite her.

2. Intimates

A Scorpio related intimate, like a pair of silky soft Scorpio panties

3. Beautiful Secret Notebook

A feminine, beautiful book to write her deep thoughts and strategies into

4. Solar Plexis Chakra

She is moved by the Solar Plexus Chakra so something related but not obvious like this cosmetic, pencil or tarot case.

5. Elements of Water

The Scorpio woman is ruled by the element of water so products related to the element of water, especially unusual ones, would delight.

6. Animal Totem

Deeply connected to nature and its mysteries she may have an Animal totem, find out what it is (sometimes hard to do!) and by her something related

7. Scorpio Constellation

What about something related to the constellation of the Scorpion!

8. Active Scorpio

A flash of bright in the dark, night jogging Scorpio outfit

9. Something Pluto or Mars Related

Scorpios are ruled by planet Pluto and ancient ruler Mars, so get her something related…

10. Occult Related Altar or Homeware

A Scorpion retreat is her home get something occult related for it.

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