10 Best Gifts Ideas for Libra Star Sign

Libra babes are very social, are born for partnerships, diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded charming, flirtatious and have a wild side.

Your Libra Lover or BFF loves her lovers and her friends and are often generous themselves in the gift giving department. They’ll love the reciprocity in generosity when you bestow them with a symbol of your affection.

Libra women are lofty air signs, highly intelligent with a sense of humanity, justice and fairness for all. A great gift idea for a Libran is something that will benefit humanity like an organic cotton t-shirt or fair traded goods.

This super flirtatious woman likes to be with company and loves a good chat, she might be on the phone to alot of her friends and have her phone in her hand so perhaps a phone case would be great or “his and hers” items.

The Libran lady loves balance and symmetry in her home, so any product that is geometric or balances her current color scheme would be met with squeals of delight.

Being ruled by the planet Venus means that this goddess loves refinery and luxury at every turn. Any beautiful item that enhances the comfort, has a velvety touch and adds class such as cushions, throw blankets, fluted glasses or refined jewellery would be appreciated

Her fashion sense is often classy and she loves layers with perfect mix and match monochrome symmetry, so if you’re thinking to buy a wardrobe item, a pullover sweater (luxurious!) with a matching singlet for layering would be ideal.

Here are Miss Zodiacs Top 10 ideas for your Virgo Lover or Friend


1. Layer a Zodiac Graphic Tee with Venus Crop hoodie Gift

100% cotton fair-traded Libran Lady Layers! Perfect for daytime wear

2. Geometric Classy Throw Pillow

A libran lady loves balance in her home, so sacred geometry pieces are wonderful

3. Beautiful Dream Notebook

The clever intellect of the Libran has a lot of ideas and dreams, whilst also being romantic. Notebooks, full of beauty and lofty dream state, would be perfect.

4. Presents for Partnership

She loves the idea of love and union. This lovers mug will remind her of her true love every morning or a lovers tarot pin to wear her ideals.

5. Elements of Air

The Libran woman is ruled by the element of air so products related to the element of air, especially quirky ones, would delight.

6. The Best Things Come in Twos

Since our Libran loves union, jewellery pieces that come in two’s remind her of her essence.

7. The Dreamer

What about getting her a dream related t-shirt she can wear reminding her of her dreams and setting a talking point amongst friends or a drema catcher to catch her dreams.

8. Body, Mind, Spirit Balance

If your Libra Lady is Active, and likely she’ll be well balanced in body, mind and spirit, why not give her the gift of some libra related activewear in layers like shorts, sports bra and hoodie.

9. Something Venus Related

Librans are ruled by the planet Venus so why not get her Venus related products, like Venus T-shirts or hat.

10. Something Welcoming

The Libran Goddess can be seen entertaining at home. A welcome boho doormat might be the perfect conversation opener.

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